Friends of The Honey Bee Collection

Anita Harris Art Pottery are pleased to be associated with The British Beekeepers association and their campaign to raise much needed funds through their registered charity Friends Of The Honey Bee

Anita's Daisy Bee design has been embraced by the BBKA and Friends of The Honey Bee and will be featured on their website shortly. Anita Harris Art Pottery will be donating a percentage of all sales to the BBKA and every penny will be used to for vital research. Our Bee population is in decline mainly due to three factors; a decline in food and forage, the deadly Vorroa mite and increasingly harsh winters .

The money raised will be used for vital research and education to encourage all of us to plant more pollen rich flowers,trees and hedgerows  and encourage future biodiversity.

We hope you like our range of Daisy Bee pottery and we look forward to being able to help our friends of the honey bee.


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