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“When you close the kiln door, you are never sure how the pottery will turn out.” It is that magic fired up by heat and passion for creating something unique that drives Anita Harris. It is that wonder of seeing something as simple and uncomplicated as the clay beneath our feet become an object of beauty that inspires her every day.


Anita Harris Pottery is a working studio in the heart of the northern English city of Stoke-on-Trent, a region often described as the world capital of ceramics. It is in this studio, surrounded by bottle ovens, a space steeped in manufacturing history, Anita works, breathing in the history embedded within the walls, creating what has been described by experts as “antiques of the future.”


Anita discovered her love and flair for creating with clay in her 20s by chance through a local village job listing at a small pottery, painting ceramics. That would ignite a life long love for designing and painting pieces that sit within homes of her very loyal customers including Queen Elizabeth’s home in London, Buckingham Palace.

In 1992 Anita took the prestigious role of head designer at Poole Pottery where for a decade she designed ranges for Liberty, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Selfridges, Harrods, Bloomingdales and Tiffany's New York amongst others. In 2002 Anita joined Moorcroft’s Cobridge Stoneware and Black Ryden importing an extensive knowledge in reactive glazes.








Anita Harris’ pieces are vibrant, colourful, some even with scenes depicting the romantic landscapes of the Mediterranean. But what Anita always goes back to for inspiration is nature. Growing up in the countryside near the Jurassic Coast in Englands’ South West county of Dorset, it is the flowers and the woodlands from her childhood that she remembers and references. In particular, the love her mother had of Bluebells whose blue haze would bring her immense joy even when she started to lose her sight.


It is with that love of colours and understanding how they can lift our spirits that Anita creates works of art that continue to be best sellers decades later. They have been given the stamp of approval by respected dealers and even the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum in London.


Like nature, Anita’s designs are timeless and change with the seasons, bringing much needed happiness every single day.

Buckingham Palace Vase
Buckingham Palace Vase Buckingham Palace Vase
Buckingham Palace
Antiques Roadshow Henry Sandon MBE
Antiques Roadshow Henry Sandon MBE
Stoke City FC Jon Walters Anita Harris