Two limited edition Henry Sandon MBE Vases Steal the Show


For those of you who were able to make our event last Saturday 8th November, you will have seen and spoken to a great gentleman who has so much energy, enthusiasm and knowledge that you just want to stay longer and longer around him. 


It is quite exceptional to meet a famous BBC Antique roadshow star, Royal Worcester expert and MBE, who not only is delighted to enlighten you about his historical finds and tales, but also genuinely wants to hear about your life, likes and interests. 


Henry Sandon brought along antique memorabilia dating back thousands of years. He was happy for visitors to handle the pottery and have a guess at their age and tell you about its history, where it was found and how it has inspired Anita to transform parts of these designs into her modern ceramics which she has put together with Henry.



Two limited editions of only ten pieces each were designed and launched by Henry Sandon MBE "Aztech Headress" and "Chaco". Just a few of these exclusive designs are still available, call Anita on 01782 599194 for more information.

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