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Provenance Films


Anita and Peter will be making films to complement some of their hand painted pieces. These pieces will be available from our website which will indicate that there is a provenance film to accompany the individual product. Only a few of these will be made each week and will give the purchaser a unique record of their vase being painted alongside the various processes of its production. 

We cant include every stage as the videos would be far too long but rest assured you will know it is your vase and will be an invaluable reference for the future for insurance purposes and valuations . Some videos will be posted here a good week or so before they are listed just to whet your appetite so keep checking our shop !!

Our first provenance videos for a delta vase in our breath taking Kingfisher design and our 25 cm oval top vase, if you buy either of these vases they are the actual one Anita is painting in the video. You cant get more authentic than that !!

We can send the videos to you or you are welcome to download them.

There is also a video of the finished vases along with some more from the range again the delta and oval top vase are the ones offered for sale in our webshop. 

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