Wrapped Gift Boxes

Commemorating the glorious 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II


In memory of our incredible Queen Elizabeth II we are releasing a commemorative limited edition of 70 hand painted 20cm vases. The piece is inspired by Her Majesty's stunning Coronation Dress, designed by Norman Hartnell for the occasion of her coronation on the 2nd June 1953. Please take a look at the following link for details.

The vase features four different flowers with intricate hand painted details emulating the embroidery and jewels which adorned the gown.

The background detail is painted in mother of pearl lustre to replicate the beautiful fabric of Norman Hartnell's exceptional work. The vase has taken many hours of painting and several firings and each sale includes a donation to one of Her Majesty's favourite charities.

Please note these are highly intricate pieces and the hand painting and additional firings mean that they will require a 28 day lead time.